Visual Watermark


Protect your pictures with original watermarks


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Day after day, it is more usual that authors and photography fans upload their photos and creations to their websites. If you are one those authors you will be interested in this program which will help you when adding to your creations a watermark.

Why should you add a watermark? Because if you add a watermark to your creations, everybody will know that picture has been created by you, so they will not be able to say it’s not yours.

Visual Watermark is a very easy to use software which will protect your creations in just a few seconds.

Load any picture and add any of the more than 20 watermarks included in Visual Watermarks, or create your own one thanks to its built-in image editor.

Once we have chosen the watermark, we only have to decide the place where it will be placed and it will be done.

- 30 days trial
-- Watermark in output